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TONY’S MEATS Featuring “The Original” MR. DONAIR™

Tony’s Meats, a leading Atlantic Canadian, value-added meat processor of Atlantic-raised, top-quality proteins featuring “The Original” MR. DONAIR™ brand. 

Located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Tony’s Meats is a federally inspected, SQF Level 2 Certified company committed to supplying customers with premium fresh and processed meat products. 

What is “The Original” MR. DONAIR™?

“The Original” MR. DONAIR ™ meat and sauce is a long established favourite snack of East Coast Canadians.  “The Original” MR. DONAIR ™ meat recipe was created in the early 1970’s in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It differentiates itself from the traditional Gyro meats of Greece and Turkey by its unique flavour profile that is derived from using 100% Canadian lean ground beef (instead of the traditional lamb and beef). “The Original” MR. DONAIR™ meat products are made with beef that is blended with secret spices and served with the unique East Coast Donair Sweet Sauce instead of Tzatziki sauce. 

“The Original” MR. DONAIR™ brand is the original, leading and preferred Donair meat in Canada.  “The Original” MR. DONAIR™ offers both fully cooked and raw Donair meat products such as raw Donair meat cones, fully-cooked Donair meat (both whole and sliced), Donair pizza topping, Donair Sausage, and Donair Burgers as well as the Original Donair Sweet Sauce for both the food and retail service industries: http://mrdonair.ca

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