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Introducing…MELANIE’S MEDLEYS Artisanal Grains


Chase Global Foods and Don’s Food Products, are bringing balance back to breakfast in Canada with Melanie’s Medleys artisanal grains.  Melanie’s Medleys artisanal grains were recently introduced at the Restaurants Canada Show and the response was highly favorable. Melanie’s Medleys are clean, natural, artisanal grains blended fresh in small batches with fruit, nuts and other natural ingredients.  These non-GMO, super whole grains are delicious, unique, and quite frankly – “better-for-you” than a lot of traditional breakfasts.  In fact, most people who stopped by our booth and tried a sample, were delighted with the flavour and texture of this product.  Yet, Melanie’s Medleys AREN’T JUST FOR BREAKFAST!  Melanie’s Medleys have the power to fuel your day and offer the versatility of being used in exotic salads, snacks and desserts.  Currently there are four flavourful ready-to-eat variations available:  Chocolate Coconut Almond; Caramel Apple Pecan; Cinnamon Walnut; and Fruit & Almond.   There are even seven more varieties set to launch in Canada in 2017!  These wholesome grain medleys are available in both foodservice and home meal replacement/deli counter formats, can be served hot or cold, and can be frozen to retain freshness.  Chase Global Foods is seeking partners for distribution of this great new product.  For more information or to try a sample of Melanie’s Medleys, contact  Chase Global Foods.

About Don’s Food Products & Melanie’s Medleys

Based in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, Don’s Food Products is the manufacturer of both the Melanie’s Medleys and Don’s Salad lines of fresh and frozen salads.   Don’s Food Products have more than 45 years of quality manufacturing service and are SQF, HACCP, USDA and FDA certified.  However, did you know that at Don’s Food Products, there really is a Melanie?  Yes, in fact, Melanie Skloff, is the creator of the delicious artisanal grain medleys and has always used natural ingredients in her creations.

For more information on Melanie’s Medleys Canadian approved products, contact Chase Global Foods or visit Melanie’s Medleys.

For products not currently listed, speak to one of our experienced Sales Representatives: